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So neither of us got the much-needed visual to help us communicate. So hopefully one day you can find the one, whether be an asian dude or someone one you can click with. You cannot undo this action. To whoever asked the quora community this question, i’m not so sure if houston does have a large asian population composed of asians of various ethnicities, especially compared to the metropolis los angeles (my hometropolis**) or other west (or east) coast cities such as seattle, san francisco, san jose, new york city or boston. Most of them even told my themselves that they dig the latina chicks but are afraid to approach them because of the same thought “they like to stick to their own race”. I think that it’s why we like about them, they treat girls so nicely, they are very gentleman *-*.

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Also i think the title got the races wrong. It was a year later when okcupid founder christian rudder published. Have a great day and best of luck finding the one! :).