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What is anal bleaching, where can i buy creams and kits and which celebrities have done it? from kourtney kardashian to sophie kasaei

When you think about it, we do all kinds of things to make ourselves look and feel our best. Creams and chemical peels will cause irritation and redness, while ipl and laser treatments may cause blistering and tenderness for a few days. These are the best type of bottles, as they allow no air to remain in the part of the container that holds the cream. These natural home remedies do work if you are planning to whiten the skin around your anus but do not expect crazy results from it. The natural bleaching properties of the lemon juice can produce similar whitening results as you would get from some products.

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There are two problems with this type of treatment in our opinion: A precision laser is used to remove the dark area of skin around the anus, revealing lighter skin underneath.

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