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Releasing one of the hottest albums of the decade entitled “porn star” in 2008, bry’nt stepped out as a lyrical beast, turning the music industry on its head. Currently, this outstanding artist is on his way to turn atl upside down to perform at this summer’s atl film & music festival on august 25th – 27th. In spited of the typical ups and downs of love, the main characters “jayden” and “spencer” illustrate the basis of what makes a relationship last: committment, compassion, and understanding. The torringtons supplied no answer or explanation during said time. This can be seen through his work with artists like esquire, solomon, brently bawn, last o, earth tone, damien crawford, medino green, tm’m west and so many others.

Brenda dockendorf naked.

There is no question that bry’nt will inevitably slay the game and leave the kids dying for more. As bold and powerful musical geniuses, these artists are surely taking great strides to becoming moguls.