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This type of establishment must adhere to the guidelines of the international association of conference centers (iacc). The first is simple and you likely have this information easily at your disposal. For example, if your product is marketed to women over the age of 65 in your town, you would need to estimate how many customers fit this demographic using local census information. This results in a mpi of 131% and in 1st position in that ranking, therefore the occupancy for your hotel on that day was outperforming your market by additional 31%. For example, if you have a potential market of 100,000 people and you have sold your product to 5,000 people, then you have a market penetration of 0. Mcdonald’s is an example of a company with high market penetration. Your ari is slightly below 100% at 96.

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Occupancy is a percentage of the available rooms occupied for a specific period. In order to maximize profitability, you need to get at least 40% of revenues from an own hotel website/booking engine.

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