Cancer cancer coming epidemic from lesbian writings

The theory i have written about over the past two decades with regard to lesbians and breast cancer is what scientists term “cluster risk”-a series of risk factors that are endemic to a particular group. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no kindle device required. The more i delved into what few details were available, the more harrowing the story became: lesbians were getting cancer at a rate well above the national average for non-lesbian women, yet there were no studies being done on lesbians and cancer, no outreach to lesbians on cancer. The book was done in concert with and as a benefit for the mautner project and landed me on. The risk factors cited by nci impact lesbians dramatically: never having been pregnant or having had a pregnancy after age 30. October was breast cancer awareness month. It should be noted that this book was compiled as a benefit for the nonprofit mautner project for lesbians with cancer in washington, dc.

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Cancer cancer coming epidemic from lesbian writings.

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Two decades later sexual orientation is still elided from the statistics being compiled on women and cancer. Love notes, we now know it’s the source of cervical cancer in women (and a risk factor in oral and throat cancers as well). Every effort has been made to include data on race, ethnicity and age with regard to women and cancer.