Fish in vagina video

Why buy a costly vaginal wash. Some of them, like the candiru, may well turn out not to be true. Of all the denizens of the amazon basin, there is none more feared than the tiny fish known as the candiru. When i finished my shower, i dried off and put on fresh yoga pants. A lingua franca is widely used in the amazon, based on the language spoken by the tupi, one of the area’s most important ethnic groups. I suggest you stop having sex with the latter and respect the former. Did you gift your virginity to your wife? if not then sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

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Fish in vagina video.

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They describe infrastructure, rituals and medical procedures, all established to deal with these parasites. Immediately after your menstrual periods: your menstrual blood has a ph of about 7. Such melodrama is common in 19th-century writings on the fish, when a handful of european explorers came across people in the amazon who regaled them with stories of this real-life river monster.