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When fajardo arrived, in 1987, it was a grid of dirt streets, with gunmen in the bars, and fewer schools than brothels. Twenty-six years later, the settler led me down into the ravine and showed me the waste just below the grasses and in the sediment of the stream. Buses are surprisingly frequent in lago agrio. But what are they going to do? there’s just too much pollution. Ecuador currently has a soil standard of 1,000 t. When someone is old or very poor, i do not feel above him.

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South of shushufindi one day, i came by chance upon a settler who lived in an unusually solid house near an oil well long inactive. At issue was the selection of a technical expert who could direct a team to survey the total extent of the pollution in the former concession area, in order to produce an unbiased report on the full consequences, and to provide a court-sanctioned estimate of the cleanup costs. He is a tall, gaunt man named adolfo callejas, who has served the oil company for more than 30 years.