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Methamphetamine use has been associated with multiple adverse health outcomes, and interpersonal risks such as self- harm and violence (. Additionally, given that the majority of fsws who use methamphetamine in this study were poly users of heroin injection, interventions will need to account for dual opiate dependency in shaping risk patterns and environments. The drug has a reputation for being quickly addictive. Condoms are more likely to break after about half an hour of having sex. The dependent variable for all analyses was derived to capture any use of cm in the past six months (injection/smoking/snorting or other). Sharing injecting equipment puts you at high risk of getting or passing on hiv, hepatitis c and other infections. ) has been developed as a recruitment strategy where the sampling unit is location and time where people congregate rather than individuals.

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Methamphetamine sex street hos.

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Multivariate gee analyses for individual, interpersonal, and contextual factors independently correlated with crystal methamphetamine use among street-based fsws (n = 255) over two-year follow-up. Using crystal long term can get scary; we’re talking psychosis or lasting mental health problems (even after quitting the drug).