Oral sex tip trick

It would be nice to see some pieces on how important it is to please a lady. Unfortunately he reaches a climax very quickly with a bj what can i do to kind of slow him down. Lick from the top down. You both shave and ask her to use the douche cause you would like to get her vagina a sweet scent. Let me know how things go. Blowing your nose before sex can increase your chances of climaxing. When i’m giving oral, i have as much fun with it as i can.

Dominant or submissive

Oral sex tip trick.

G spot vacuum method

If you cant blow his mind and be the best he has ever had then waste of time. I alternate between using the tip and flat surface of my tongue on the clitoris and then actually sticking my tongue inside. When you are about to perform cunnilingus on her, mind that you must pay attention to her clitoris.