Rap sex playlist

Let some real g’s get up in them jeans! some pussy just isn’t ready for the gibbs. Get a taste of what maybach o has in store in the trailer below. If you have multiple playlists then you could easily categorise all of them by roman numerals for a numerical style. At this point, hip-hop has officially become the most dominant genre in popular music. They have smooth voices combined with the rugged rapping and the most luxurious beats that are the auditory equivalent of a freshly wetted panty.

‘turn on the lights’

Rap sex playlist.

‘put it in your mouth’

They love women and women are similar to peaches, and what do you do with peaches? you just want to eat them up. Uh, i wanna see your legs shake / take you to the crib, we can f— till the bed break / uh, we can f— until your p—y ache / think about the type right now, girl, mastur-bate for a n—- / freak you in the clubs / stop worrying about them other ho’s / it’s me in your world / work that clit / cum girl,” he raps.