Shaved her pubic hair

More women think shaving pubic hair is hygenic despite greater health risks | the independent

It’s about your preference and your partner’s preference. He thought it was hilarious though. Clean skin, wet hair, warm water. How about everyone keeps their body hair how they like it. Of course i would. Shaving all the way down to skin with a razor leads to awkward grow-back, itchiness, and sometimes ingrown hairs or other irritation. Who has the nerve to go around making requests that might make their partner feel like there’s something inherently wrong with her body if it’s not groomed just so?

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While pheromones may influence arousal to some extent, dr. It serves as a cosmetic enhancement as well. One of the researchers, dr benjamin breyer, told the media: “we believe grooming practices are also associated with personal injury and potentially sexually transmitted infection.

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