Tiny fish swim into penis

But many emphasise that the fish do not discriminate, and will happily enter a convenient vagina or anus. There are also stories of candirus biting holes in the flesh of passers-by in order to enter and feed on their blood. He needed a two-hour urological procedure to remove the fish. The most compelling idea is that the waste ammonia secreted through the gills of fish is the means by which candirus locate their prey. Spotte is the only person to have ever dedicated themselves to seriously investigating the candiru myth. By the locals than the candiru.

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Tiny fish swim into penis.

So does it?

In this scenario, writes bauer, “there is still a great potential for misinterpretation of language, postures, and gestures. In order to swim up a pee stream, the fish would have to swim faster than the stream flow [and] lift itself out of the water against gravity,” says bertram.