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In 2013, magallanez also has to select arizona’s boxers and figure out the logistics for the state, regional and national tournaments of the silver gloves, golden gloves and junior olympic championships, as well as the junior world and open championships. Required fields are marked. Over the next couple years of his term as president, magallanez said his goal is to restore the association to its former glory and subsequently pass the torch. Varela was one of the coaches who voted for magallanez to return as president, hoping that arizona will become more competitive regionally and nationally.

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United states amateur boxing association.

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Although magallanez did not travel with the arizona juniors team to reno, he was keeping a firm gaze on them from afar. Arizona boxing is pretty strong right now, but maybe he can take it to another level. If i’ve accomplished that (goal) in two years, i’d like to encourage somebody younger that i can build to take over for me,” he said.