Vagina smells after eating fish

Fish odour syndrome

Im terrified to tell my mom. If it is right, i would purchase the highest grade, highly purified brand that is either of icelandic or norwegian origin. Firstly, some women who do go to a doctor and discuss their vaginal odor are usually just over thinking it, it is usually all in their head and that it is normal to have a little funky smell to it. Ive had this fishy smell for around 2months now. It usually stops the smell for a few weeks / couple of months but then it comes back. I’m going to the doc tomorrow though. You can avoid foods known to cause fishy-smelling urine, but this can be difficult to do.

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These slight changes are normal and don’t usually indicate any type of health or hygiene problem. One of the characteristics of bacterial vaginosis (bv) is the unpleasant smell from the vaginal discharge described as similar to the smell from rotten fish.

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