Why strippers shave pubic hair off

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Some guy in chinos at my los angeles public high school would shout out as an up-skirt view opened on a staircase. Pubic hair was iconic. Here are all the interesting things they had to say. Pubic hair had yet to make the cut. So, you can trust she knows how to keep razor burn and blemishes at bay. To fight grease and keep volume, dust the roots of your hair with baby powder, then style as usual. Subscriptions and turn to strip-club dressing rooms for beauty tips.

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A 2011 study by kenyon college in ohio revealed that “more than 80 per cent of college students in the us remove all or some of their pubic hair, as well as a majority of university-aged men and women in australia”. That brought it to the attention of tens of millions of young women in 2000.

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